Will pooping in my washbasin make you happy?

Weird conversations in times of a pandemic. Of course with a cat!

“Will pooping in my washbasin make you happy? Huh?”
I asked, very concerned.

“That desperate huh”, asked the person on the video call.

What am I talking about? Okay, let me rewind. My semi-informally-adopted cat was acting sad. Why was the cat sad? My flatmate has these two absolute adorable furry babies. For this pandemic, she had to be somewhere else for a while (like more than a month). So for a while, it’s just me and them!

For more context, I thought I was a 100% dog person, never had to double think that one. Growing up I only had fishes, rabbits and turtles as pets. All of which if you note, cannot produce audible sounds. I do not have a stellar record with plants either. I once named a plant sunlight so that I can remember it needs sunlight.

So obviously you can understand my panic when one of the them was a bit off. Well okay, how do I know it’s off? It’s a feeling. You know when you are watching a video which says “watch-till-the-end”, and deep inside you know the end won’t be worth it and you are wasting precious few seconds of your life? Yes that kinda feeling. Nothing too dramatic, but it hurts if you are right. And hurts equally if you are wrong.

So yes, there is a watch-till-the-end option I can opt for — just wait for him to come out of his funk or whatever. Or. Or. Try and fix him.

I try and remember all the key turning points in our relationship so far. Apart from sitting in his chair (which I found out was too comfy btw), and kicking him down the bed by mistake once (I though it was a fur cushion which I don’t own btw) — there was only one other. Right after my flatmate left, one morning I woke up to found poop in my bathroom wash basin. And he was next to it.

We figured it was because somehow, he was smart enough to figure one human is missing, and the other one is around too much. That stressed him. While that was equally stressful for me — he returned to being his playful self within hours.

So that brings us back to the question, that desperate huh?
Well, yes yours truly now 50% cat person, former owner of pets who can’t make a noise, and a plant called sunlight, is ready to do what it takes.

“But you are not even a cat person?”
“Well what can I say. I am a I will not watch-till-the-end if you tell me to person.”

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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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