How a day feels like in the life of a (very privileged) millennial

Illustration by my sister, Tanvi

I wake up at 8 AM, yet another day I could not start with the 30 day 5 AM challenge. Well I really wanted to, but then also we are in the middle of the pandemic, and I am team don’t-make-it-a-productivity-challenge.

I get up, feeling the same. Same as last day, last week, and now even last month. It’s feels like a present with no tomorrow. I tell myself same is good. Not same could have been trouble.

Contrary to the montage of Anne Hathaway rocking those devilish Prada looks, I find that one top that feels like spring. Good thing I did not make that spring wardrobe capsule, because the only capsules I need this spring is turmeric and ginger.

Pouring myself another bowl of muesli. Don’t judge, when you have to cook 4 meals a day, 1 or maybe 2 can be muesli! I scan my calendar. Meeting, meeting, another meeting. Nopes, not looking forward to it.

Open Twitter for just that daily does of realism- AirBnb, the good soul company, had to let go of people. Suddenly, really looking forward to that day full of meetings.

Swing in and out of Google Hangouts.

Can you hear me now? Do you see my screen? Follow my cursor on Figma. Oh, you are on mute. Wait I am on mute too.

In the middle of the day, that influencer I follow is doing a mindfullness session. Open Insta to join that live, oh wait did she mean Facebook live? Who even logs in Facebook these days. Ditch. Scroll through LinkedIn — new blog, new YouTube channel, new WFH schedule. Scroll through Instagram — home workouts, home meals, travel throwbacks.

Go into kitchen, and think about fancy poke bowl which would be nothing but all that you can find in the kitchen. Or a salad, same concept. Neah, who am I kidding. Pasta it is. Regret not doing that mindfulness session.

It’s weekend. Wait, wasn’t just it just Tuesday a while back when I was regretting not working out? Hmm, time is just fiction after all. Your options are making sourdough bread, playing Catan online, or joining a Houseparty. Don’t have yeast or an oven for that matter, and wtf is Catan? Wine-ing and whining it is.

Need desert to sink in that wine. That vegan banana ice cream sounds good. Oh wait what, you need to make it tonight to eat it tomorrow. Well instant gratification was a concept before corona times anyways. Few glasses and cookies in, you’re still at home.

Netflix and chill time — will it be Tiger King, Too hot to handle, or Money Heist. Why not kill some more brain cells. Too hot to handle, because it’s been too long to handle!

PS: While writing this, I am fully aware and grateful that some of us are lucky our days look like this. Not taking it for granted one bit!

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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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