Oh-that’s-doable, kinda-works hacks

…to keep up the emotional immunity. From a normalish, non-influencer person in lockdown.

Grind the ginger till it’s juicy, and have it with hot water. Have hot water multiple times in a day. Don’t forget having turmeric. Put coconut oil on your hands. Do steam inhalations every night.

— My parents on every other call, courtesy Indian WhatsApp University

Well being in lockdown (hopefully) does ensure I am building up immunity to fight the C-thing. What I do need is just the capacity to keep up and process (rationally) what’s happening right now, without having mini-breakdowns in my hallway or a video call.

So I google it. Ways to build emotional immunity.
“Adopt an attitude of progress, not perfection.”
OK, I did stop at 2 glasses of wine.

Stop trying to eradicate fear.”
OK, I am still fearing the C-thing.

“Be willing to see change.”
OK, what if I don’t want to? I like airports.

All this is good, but where is that oh-that’s-doable, almost-Instagrammable, kinda-works hacks? So from my absolutely non-professional, not-selling-yet book, here are some things you could try that might not work!

Learn ways to break an egg. Open wine bottles without a corkscrew. 1000 piece impossible puzzle. A jugaad standing desk you would use only once. A streak on an app. A Twitter following. Build something, something that you can see growing daily.

Never imagined yourself making a TikTok? Now’s the time. Play back-to-back Ludo with your family. Follow an insane makeup tutorial for blue ocean eyes. Watch Too Hot to Handle on Netflix. Do that. Being playful now is highly underestimated!

Yes I know it’s not your birthday yet. What I mean is have something to look forward to. Make yourself a chocolate mug cake in 1 minuteTrick yourself into being excited for that group video call you set up. Or the pizza delivery you promised yourself on Friday. Or that extra glass of wine at the end of the day. Be a good host of your party!

Here’s everything that I could come up with. If you have something, let me know. Also don’t forget your ginger shots. See you around on TikTok.

My hacks.

Also if you want to read, just a few days ago, I also wrote this. Three months after my birthday. Okay, bye.

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