Moving Abroad. Part 1: Tips for job-hunting.

Paying it forward, and writing down everything that I learned.

The “skip intro” part of what this is here.

On looking for a job

👁 Be on a continuous look-out.

💰 Special focus on visa sponsorships

💬 Reach out to people who have made the move

📅 Prepare for alternate timelines. Have a Plan B.

🔑 Consistency is key

On Applying for the Jobs

🔨 Break templates

Additionally, I used a mix of LinkedIn InMails, and Twitter DMs. Always being mindful and respectful of who I am messaging, and not pestering if I didn’t get a reply.

☄️Show your over-preparedness when applying.

One of my favorite LinkedIn messages — just showed how invested she is in this. It took me less than an hour to connect to her, chat a bit and refer her after this (she made it super easy for me). She got the job.

🌸 Genuine, polite messages for referrals only.

Not saying this is THE way to ask for referrals, but giving an option to the person to say no is more polite. 🙈Nobody owes you anything.

On Interviewing

🖍 Prepare a tailored presentation

😬 Know, it is just a meeting slot for someone

📝 Take notes

More on this note-taking business later.

💛 Have a SOS kit handy

Along with my notes, I would always scribble pep talk on a corner for myself.

After the Interview

🐶 Follow-up

One of my ex-colleagues told me that their first memory of me is the follow-up note I sent them. Not this colleague, this is just as an example :)

🏛 Consolidate your notes

My quick notes, they helped.

🚀 Manage parallel interviewing timelines well

On Picking the Job

💎 It’s a privilege

🤞 Take your time to consider the offer

💛 Choose people, over everything else

Next one — up super soon. Aah, most likely Friday!

Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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