Moving Abroad. My new blog series!

Paying it forward by writing down everything I know.

I have always had a love-hate relationship with writing. I like writing about my life — capturing those tiny specks of humor others might have missed. I am also very critical about it — I don’t publish something which I would personally not read. It has to be crisp, honest, and read like I talk. This means very little of what I write make it out.

So I came up with a hack — what if I write something not for myself, but for the Chhavi I was 3 years ago? I would have truly appreciated any help I could get to get closer to my dream of living in Europe.

My mom planted this seed when I was a teenager. She wanted her daughters to experience the best the world has to offer. And so twice a week, for four years, she drove me on her two-wheeler, come sun, wind, or rain — to French classes. We lived in a tier 2 city in India, and she had never been to France or Europe or outside India.

And that was it. She planted the seed, and it grew up as me being super ambitious and determined to live in Paris in a studio apartment, and have a perfect French wardrobe capsule (she also got me monthly issues of Vogue).

So even though I did not land up in Paris— I landed in Barcelona and now in London. I realize a few others on the internet (at least in my Twitter DMs) are on a similar journey.

So I took a weekend, to write about my journey and things I learned so far. Mostly for myself to be honest, so that I can pick up the next big thing I wanna do. Heads up, it’s probably gonna be crochet because my mom is really into it these days.

I don’t like it when YouTubers babble for a long while before telling me how to just open this wine bottle without a cork screw. Please just get to the point. So this was that long introduction.

I divided it into four parts, and hoping to cover as many aspects as possible.

I am sorry, I wish I was like Netflix. Be able to hit publish on all four together. It would give me too much anxiety though.

Part one out now! 🌟

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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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