Demons I am killing this Dusshera!

About a label maker, my very own discount coupon, and 12+7.

A friend on insta posted a picture of two marigolds sitting on her desktop at work, and captioned it:

Adult version of Dusshera.

Hmm, that hit me. Looking at my calendar last month, I was more touched by the day it was falling on, rather than the significance of this festival. My thoughts were, okay looks like the Monday's motivation is— Tuesday chutti hai.

That post by my friend got me thinking. What is a Chhavi-ish interpretation of Dusshera? So yeah, I decided to be a little dramatic, and find a few demons in my life, and decided to do away with them. Here goes a list of my demons.

Too many guessing games.
If I do the next round of repetitions with barbells, guess what body parts will I have to live without next week?

I tried a new shampoo, a new conditioner, and this new fancy serum. Guess which one did not work?

So this person added a thumbs-up emoji but did not comment? Guess is the emoji equivalent or more valuable than the comment?

Guess what…I actually needed that leg to walk the next day.

“Influenced” by the influencers on Instagram.
Just the other day, while I was getting ready, I was doing a voice-over as a fashion blogger.

So this top is from H&M and I have paired it with these cute pants I got from Zara. Also just to finish off the look, these shoes by Sketchers. Swipe up for a link and use the code WTH-CHHAVI for no discount!

I also got influenced by Marie Kondo to demand a label-maker as a birthday present, which is three months away! Good that I have to time to rethink it.

Me pretending to add “Swipe up” links to every story on Instagram

Over-calculating and getting stuff wrong.
Beyond 12+17, I am also bad at calculating a few other things. Will my hair last another day, or I really should I wash them? If I have to be ready at 8:00 AM, can I wake up at 7:30 AM? Is this blog too trivial or/and rant-y to publish?

Me calculating how long the Swiggy guy will actually take to come.

If you are reading this blog, I would say I am doing a good job at the slaughtering of my demons, and celebrating my version of Dusshera.

Hoping you had a chance to have a conversation like adults with your demons,

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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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