To enjoying what has already begun.

“Ah baalle, baallee”, the cab driver said confidently while lugging my 25kg suitcase at the back of his car.

It was 6 AM in Barcelona, and I had landed a while back. A couple of unexpected things had already happened. One, it was drizzling. No, it was pouring. When you think Barcelona, you think ☀️

All I was seeing and feeling was, ☁️☔️

Two, while I had carried my entire existence in documents for the immigration officer, he had simply looked at my passport, and said.

“Ah baalle, baalle”.

Why does everyone keep doing baalle baalle here. What relation could possibly be between Punjabi and Spanish? Also, if he runs away with my suitcases, do I have everything to survive the next few days?

Well, leap of faith. Like everything has been for last couple of weeks. With the same anxiety I had while getting on that one-way flight, I got on to the cab.

The city was still sleeping, and the rain had stopped. The autumn trees didn’t seem to mind it, nor did the stone buildings. I could hear the waves crashing by the shore at a distance, and a few early runners feeling right at home.

The city looked like it was ready to begin again. I think I was too.

Moving to a new country, where I don’t speak the language, to work in a completely new domain? I always thought I would do it. You know, in a soul-searching life-changing sometime-in-future kind of way. But never really thought I would actually do it NOW.

To make use of my one-day international pack, I googled “ah balle spanish”. Ah vale, the v pronounced as b, means okay. Two vale is used as a terms of endearment, and means it will be more than okay.

Ah vale. I thought it will be okay. Maybe even more than okay!

Here’s to the next ah vale, vale year.

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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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