Why I am getting a personal blog.

Some things I wish I had known.

So wait, it is all a ruse? Are all of us just lying that moving abroad changed our lives for good, and that we are having the best of times?

Nopes. No. Not at all.

Find tips for job hunting, relocation experiences, and behind-the-scenes all in one place.

New publication looking 🔥

A list of resources and links helpful for looking a job abroad

1. Indian folks who have moved abroad for a job

2. Companies that sponsor visas

3. Guide to moving abroad

How I built an easy, ongoing system to document my work

A popular meme featuring Weeknd in his superbowl performance.
Me: I need to document everything. Also me: Trying to find my documents.

How to navigate the change of managers, especially as a junior.

A popular meme, showing Dawson from Dawson’s Creek crying. No text on image.

But what if, one fine day your manager announces, they can no longer be that for you? 🥺

How was it job hunting and moving during a pandemic, joining Bumble, and being a part of an IPO

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The “skip intro” part of what this is here.

Why Barcelona? How Barcelona? Really?

All the deets! ;)

Back stronger than ever

And so for a brief moment, the rare London sun, the revitalising botanical drink, the overpriced silk pajamas, that side project I am finally working on, and I, have a moment.

Paying it forward, and writing down everything that I learned.

Chhavi Shrivastava

Hey! I am a product designer at Bumble, and am writing a blog every Tuesday. Follow along for life/design/London stuff.

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