9. What do you look like in someone else’s head?

(All about mental models, courtesy social media!)

Why did this come up this week? Just the other day, someone told me “I imagined you to be rather an intellectual talker from your blogs.” I heard it as “You talk dumb, your blogs gave me a mental model that you were intellectual”. (This has nothing to do with I am girl btw, and it’s not even overthinking. These are just specialised processing skills I happen to possess.)

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I didn’t say it. I swear. Emoji Courtesy: Bitmoji

Ahmm mental model?? So mental model is nothing but how you think a thing or a person or a situation must be. For every word I say, your brain comes with it’s own expert theory about what that that means, how it looks, what it does. So if an app let’s you order food or book a cab in exactly how you would have wanted it to, it matches your mental model and it’s a good app. (Just some design gibberish I happen to know.) Say this.

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This one is gonna make watching One Day for the 7th time harder.

Get my point? Mental models are the reason we have reality vs expectation memes. I know right, it’s like finding a really cool relative you never knew of.

This all got me thinking. How many mental models of us are we catering to, courtesy social media? Remember, that group selfie with acquaintances where you pushed your way into last moment. Now tagged #homies. Then those pictures on Instagram. Carefully chosen from 40 supposedly candid pictures. Now tagged #honestcandid. Those tweets about the intellectual blog you read after scrounging through 10 best looks of Kate Middleton. Then the blogs you wrote in your moments of “intellectual-ity”. All adding up to different universally cool “mental models” of you.

Let’s take a moment to imagine our expectation vs reality meme. Did I see a smile on your face, or is it just my brain’s modelling back in action about cool this blog sounds?

Until next week! :)

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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