7. Social media proxemics, anyone??

I came across this word, while I was sitting in an anti-harassment workshop. No I did not harass anyone or was harassed (though whatever you assumed the case was, that assumption says you know a lot about me). It was just a mandatory session, even if you are intern.

Anyways, so coming back to the big word, which you can guess by proximating it to proximity, is indeed very proximate to proxemics. It basically defines how comfortable you will be travelling in a Mumbai local. Basically, what is the range of distances, where you can let people stand, physically. If this didn’t make sense, you can watch this video, but it will stop in between and ask you to sign up.

Here is another diagram to explain you.

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Basically, how you communicate using space. “Back off me” , is one such use of proxemics.

Now the realms of personal, physical and geographical territory were well defined, until social media showed up. Like a rebellious teenager, who claimed to know everything. And the harsh truth is, it actually does. And it refused to be bound within definite boundaries. Or emoticons and filters.

Intentionally or unintentionally, we have ended up with our own personally tailored social media proxemics. For me it goes somewhat as shown below. Memes and poking for my dearest, Instagram if I like you, Whatsapp if we like each other, Facebook if we can’t un-know each other now, and I don’t mind knowing you checked in to an airport to fly or a restaurant to eat. Like really, I never knew what to do with airports and restaurants anyways.

Apart from that, I do have this teeny weeny thing for people on Goodreads and Medium. They know the nerd inside me, and they read my brain pickings. Like you just did, when you read till this word. Thank you :)

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Until next week!

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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