6. It’s my little sister’s birthday! An almost open letter to her.

I am a closed person. Also, I own a blog to write my heart out and an Instagram account where I plan to be a fashion blogger in an alternate reality (or this). So the dilemma that is, how do you share, without sharing but share anyways. To post or not to. To publish or not to.

I wrote my sister a few words on her birthday. Being genetically related to me, she had full access to my uncensored raw words. An edited, deleted not modified, version of the letter, for here. Just to share.

Tubbbyy. :)

Hey there little sister. I know you are not having the most happening bash of the year as your birthday. Being in your grade 12, you are having a normal stay-at-home, devouring-the-chicken-mummy-made, watching-tv-with-papa kind of birthday. Maybe by the next year or two, you will be in a college, with a bunch of amazing friends who you will call family, and they will make a fuss about it, get you cake at midnight and all. (If you drink, tell me.)

The disclaimer in it is, from your big sister, is that all through it, you will miss this feeling. This feeling of nice-boring-birthday you have now. When it was just you, just us. Hold it, soak in every moment intentionally and hide it somewhere deep inside you. This feeling. This will keep you strong when you are alone in a big city. This will keep you going when it gets rough. This will be sometimes all you have, and it will be still enough.

And obviously you will have me. Just a call. Or a flight away. It’s a privilege I hope you use often. You are already growing up so fast and I am scared that very soon, you will not have the time to enquire what kind of pickle was there with the food or why I did not eat three, instead of two pieces of that chicken.

You can also officially adult me around now I guess. I know you have acquired a lot of gyaan by seeing me fiddle and fidget around with my life, but how you learn from it and use it to supervise me, still amazes me. You amaze me. I can’t wait to see the ways you amaze me in future. (Keep it legal, though.)

All you get is words from me mostly, but hey, this time I sent over gifts too. Just to make up for not being around on your birthday for the first time. I so wish I was around today. I really do.

To you always in my heart and your unread messages in my phone.

Happy Birthday ❤

Chh :)

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