4. Buy my thoughts, instead. *First week as an intern in the city*

I am out of words. I guess I exhausted all of them while I was introducing myself to all the new people I met last week. Buy my thoughts, instead. While sometimes my thoughts are like those clothes in malls, arranged according to labels, and colours and collections. The casual thoughts, in shades of yellow and pink in the summer collection. Or the exotic thoughts, in red in the party collection. Other times they are just in a heap like those on Bandra streets in Mumbai. You try taking one out from the knotted tangled mountain, and a bunch of them just fall to the ground. And then you have to hurriedly pick them up and shove them back before anyone sees you.

I allowed this week to crawl by slowly. Because a luxury you get when you shift to a new city is, you get to be a tourist in your own life. You have no life, nowhere to be as such. You have no my places yet, or no favourite time where sunlights seeps in just the right amount through the office windows. No jinxes about the elevators or the people. The silhouettes of buildings and trees at night when you stand alone in the balcony, they are fascinating. No freaking idea about how to explain the cab where you want to go. No idea at all about how beautiful that moment is, when the clouds paint the city sky after it rains and how it will be that moment, that you will cease being a tourist in this city. The city will be yours too.

Guilty of expending my tourist-status, I have lived with my thoughts all over the place. Maybe next week, I will have something substantial to add to yours.

Until then, do not panic when you realise it’s already been a week when in a new city or if you find out that suck at playing foosball.

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This week in pictures. Definitely colourful.

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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