3. Will you be on my Instagram pictures? *Also, new city alert.*

As I groggily woke up in the middle of pitch dark chilled night, I saw a head of hair moving. I had just moved in to this new city and my room mate was supposed to be working late that day. I figured it was her, after a mini, lasted-a-micro-second heart attack, obviously. I mumbled a hi, and slept again. This was how I met my partner-in-crime last summers. Slowly, and then rapidly at once, we bonded and together, we tagged that city with countless happy places.

So now when I meet new people, I have this constant tape running in my head a.k.a head-tapes.

Hmm. This person…How much do I think will they be around…Should I remember this is how I met them the first time…Will we ever have secret handshakes…Will they be on my Instagram pictures?

*All this just after the first smile and before the first hello. Tape will need to be rewinded and played in slow-mo if you wish to make sense of it*

This one, because yet again, I am in a new city. Lots of new-people-head-tapes scheduled. Other kinds are cab-tapes. Taking cabs alone still freak me out. Freaky levels = check the child lock, windows down, maps on, tracking links sent out. Yep, not kidding.

Keen to have the first cab-tape in this city a neat one, I was adamant to not let the driver know that I am new to this city. “Drop me at the location I entered” , I said. But as life would like it, I entered the location wrong. *Mental tapes goes into a frenzy while I unwillingly admit, I am new to this town, and tell him to re-navigate.* There, life.

Nonetheless, I am here safely and have already started acquiring a taste for this city!

Until next week. Do not panic if you find few of your head tapes jumbled up or that the Jio unlimited data has a limit that can appear while you are in a cab and lost.

This week in pictures.

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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