17. About the Final Semester To-Do List.

This year I am going to more serious about my plan B. Instagram caption writer. You do think, people will pay me to write all kinds of caption for them right? Surely adding smileys and hashtags need professional help.

So yes, for that I need to be serious about my writer-y talents. What better way to start this year’s Plan B campaign by pretending to be deeply engrossed in pressing keys on my Mac, right across Starbucks (I still function on a student budget).

My flight was twice canceled and then delayed and so after hours of people-watching at airports, I will land in Guwahati. 2 days late for registration. As much as I would have liked to post Instagram stories saying “One last time”, “Final Lap”, “Already missing it”, I feel drained at the thought of getting back to a dusty room and starting this year with laundry-Chhavi score being 2–0.

I am still going to post a picture before entering the campus. That sight after holidays always fills me up with hope. Every time I enter the campus after a long while away, I try to remember how thoroughly impressed I was the first time we drove in. The hill goes up and then down, and then there is a lake on one side, with lush green cricket field on the other. And then there is this huge glass building. And then you land up in front of a plain building, which looks like a block of cement with holes. That is home. ❤

My first few weeks in college as a fachchi, was an awkward period. Being trapped in the JEE preparation for almost 4 years, I was desperate to do everything without considering it’s repercussions. The list is long but the highlight included taking part in the Miss Fresher contest, which had a talent round. Now, it was back in the time, when I did not even write these things. I was absolutely talentless, like at least did not posses any talent that can be displayed on a stage within 2 minutes. I still am. But those of who remember (I hope there aren’t many who do) will tell you how big a traffic jam I was on the stage that night. It is easily one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, and am surprised I am even writing it in here.

I might still regret going on the stage that day, but that had set me free. No image left to build or keep up with. In my head, it couldn’t get worse than that. Life was good after that, though I still cringe at the mention of that event. It is only while coming back for the final semester now, I realized something. I would have regretted more if I hadn’t been on the stage that night.

As philosophically clichéd as it sounds, I guess you only regret the things you didn’t do. And that thought is something I would like to hold on to this semester. And I hope you do too!

Until next time :)

Image for post
Image for post
The picture my dad took before entering the campus for the very first time. :)

PS: Also, all this, was sort of preparing you. For this YouTube thing me and my friend are going to finally do. We have been trying to do it for over 2 years now and we have a name and all. So, just a heads up.

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.

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