15. Time to test drive the new year resolutions. Or is it too soon for that shiz?

The only thing I do not test before buying is ice cream, you can never not like an ice cream. It’s ICE-CREAM after all. And those clothes on Shein these days, because the deal is always valid only for the next 2 hours. So why should these resolutions, that supposedly are meant to stay an year, be any different?

Because I hate the fact that you are all settled into this year with fuzzy sweaters and vibes, all nice and cozy. And then one night, you are watching award functions on TV and then news channels covering crazy new year parties all around the world. And then next morning I wake up, and suddenly I have to brush my teeth twice, go running, read a book every week, learn a new skill, not stalk random people on Instagram and write a blog every week? Phew. I am ready for that. Not.

So yes, all-things-turn-red-and-sparkly month aka December is going to double up as my test-all-goddam-resolutions month. Because anyways, if they don’t work out, I have January 1st. And then obviously 1st of every month, and 19th of every month because that leaves whole number of months till my birthday. So yes, 24 more chances plus this one. I like this idea better.

Only, I got like what 1–2–3–4 (does November have 31 days or 30? *counts on my knuckles to realize 30*). 4 days to pen down my resolutions. I better stop this and pen those. What are you penning? Apart from end semesters.

Until next time.

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On second thought, I think it might be too soon for this shiz.

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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