14. Why I think I might be missing the point altogether.

Once upon a time, I was giving a French language exam. So they had given me like a poem (in French), which I had to digest in like 15 minutes and then answer a few questions about it. The only problem was, I didn’t know one of the major recurring words. After extended interpolation and using my complementary existing database of English, Hindi and Sanskrit words, I came to the conclusion that the poet is talking about how much he loves nature and how helpless he feels about it as it is a bigger problem than just himself and the world needs to be kind.

Made perfect sense to me. Made perfect sense to me while answering the questions as well. The interviewer could be nominated for Emmys for his awe struck looks. The French poem? As I will find out later. That was about a gay man expressing his feelings. I missed the point.

Once upon another time, just the other day, my canteen guy looked back so blankly at me. All I wanted was an egg omelette and I waned it right then. He asked again, EGG omelette?? I, with all my assertion, said yes. You see, there missing the point again. He wanted to know if I want bread or cheese or whatever omelette.

And once upon another epic time, I was bicycling on the stone paved, colourful streets of Barcelona. I knew I had to cycle on the right side of, unlike in India, where you keep to the left. But then my cycle kept going towards the left. And I kept getting all these annoyed looks and my brain just decided to miss the point.

All this week, I kept wondering, what bigger point I might be missing. And can that point be pointing me to another point, and if I am just following those points in a circle.

Until I point myself out,

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With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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