13. About wearing a saree, and it’s correlation with life.

If life gives you six yards of silk cloth, what do you do?

Do whatever you do, but do not go iron it. Like I did. And it ended up losing all it’s properties that were supposed to make it malleable enough to stay close to me and not make me look like a balloon.

After some countless number of safety pins, audio guidance from mom over phone, Youtube video of Mandira Bedi wrapping her saree perfectly and the entire friend circle trying their tricks-by-their-moms, I did manage to wrap it to closely resemble the classic Indian saree style.

It looked all pretty and nice (so I was told, and I decided to agree to since the safety pins were pinching me in all the *right places* to stay in reality).

I tell you, want to judge your life, wear a saree for a few hours and walk around in it. (Sorry guys, I don’t have the equivalent advice for you.)

There it goes, another one off the checklist of the final year. And just like that, this checklist is getting shorter. So are the days here in Guwahati. At 5 pm, it is pitch dark here. And your brain just decides to give up on the day and pushes half the things to the next. This blog being one of them. It makes me wonder, do we really need daylight saving hours and different time zones in India? But oh my, then it reminds me of our dear colloquial definition of Indian Standard Time and the Indian Railways. I think my blog will understand the delay.

Until the next time my blog and time are in the same zones,

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Wearing Mom’s saree, closest way to stay close to her. :)

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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