12. About life coming to a full triangle, alive blood and living in the dark. Okay not life, just my internship.

Last week, it was that week of my life last year. The internship week. For some reasons, I have never revisited that week after that week was over. It was a scorching hot afternoon and I was wearing formally-formals for the interview. Although I have heartwarming bustling memories of my summer interning there, I chose to remember less about the stress of getting selected.

Last week, my now-colleague came over for the same drill for my juniors. And when, rather than rehearsing answers in my head, I could brutally tease him about how mean he can be at times, it struck me. Phew. It’s finally complete. The triangle* of my home, my second home and my third home. :)

The other thing that struck me last week was that not always, jet lag is responsible for you being sleepy all the time. It could also be your blood missing out on some vitamins. My two girlfriends agreed to accompany me for the blood test, on pretence of giving me moral support but all they really wanted to do was flick a few blood vials. Some glycerine and glitter is gonna make it a cute thing, they say. Friends with kleptomaniac tendencies I tell you.

I didn’t need much of their unavailable moral support because I was downright fascinated about how alive the blood that was pumping out looked. Creeped me out a bit too, my fascination.

Fascinated also I was about how the bulb and tube light in my room fused off together. But then I had my fairy lights, and life is always prettier with them around. Until they started fusing out too. So then I had no option but to go looking for someone to fix the lights.

But I still wonder, how long do you leave the fairy lights on in your life. I would want the answer to be all the time.

Until next week,
I hope you complete a few triangles and squares yourself. :)

Picture of a few months back. Rare moments when your room is clean enough to send pictures to mom.

*That would Bhopal, Guwahati and Bangalore of now. I still can’t get myself to call it Bengaluru, too many syllables.

With hopes that one day the links will be sufficient to binge read on the roadway around galaxy.
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