100 reasons we will ALWAYS miss IIT Guwahati.

Khokha ki chai. Guest house wali road. Manikanta ki biryani.

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Yes, it is actually this beautiful. Picture by Sajith Somath

The confusing color coded timetable. That dark room in Physics lab 101, test tubes in CH101. That almost-fakka of EE 101. Earthquakes before every exam. The run for your degree in NSO classes. Who aced that CS 101 lab again?

SAC ka AC. Club orientation posters. Decreasing number of cycles in front of the LT . Spamming fest posters, because heads said so. Inter IIT sessions. Birthdays by the lake, birthdays in BBQ. Manikanta ki Biryani. Thandi main DOD circle ki dhup. Buying ED sheets from core 1, getting BTP reports binded. Oh wait, looks like someone posted in Btech and Bdes 2018…

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This was the picture they used for our Fresher’s forum and probably the first picture I saw of IITG. Still remember wanting to be here, so vividly.

Saved bus timing.pdf on the phone. Every text message of a Dominos Friday offer. Pan bazaar ki bheed, Hub pe movie. Lachit nagar ki bus, ghat tak ka auto. Opera ki chocolate pastry, Mocha ka Mac and cheese. FoodVilla ke saamne wali pani puri. Running after Green Valley buses in city.

Khokha wali chai. Sunday morning wala mess ka dosa. Core one ke aloo ke parathe. The almost pasta of the SAC. Fried maggi. Stuffed paratha. Mess ki egg burji. BR ki ice cream. Rolls mania ke rolls. Devil’s very own at CCD. Who remembers what Sub of the day it is today?

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Where we all crossed paths, atlease once. Sometime.

Webmail captcha, gotcha. Overflooded webmail account. Sanjay sir ke posts. IITG Current Junta notifications. The walk alone after classes with earphones in my ears. Serpentine lake wali walk. Seeing fireflies while at it. Wait, who put those tubelights at the once-upon-a-time dark bus stops?

Alcher ka Haute Couture. Alcher ke Headturners wale coupons. Bihu ka shutdown on campus. Khokha pe cycle main hawa. Mafia nigths. That one time I went to View Point. The other one time to Kamakhya temple. Shillong, Dawki, Gangtok, Bhutan. Sunset on the ferry. Baarish wali mornings. Take a moment to relive the trip memories..

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Where our hearts melted.

Missing buckets and brooms from our rooms. E-rickshaw ka number. Course registration at the end of each semester. Choosing HSS based on core. “Working” proxies during day. DC hubs. Keechad wali holi. Lantern wali Diwali. Manthan feels. Hail Alcher, Jai Techniche. Thank you CBS, anyone?

Guest house ki roof, guest house wali road. Khokha ki chai. Yes it deserves to be mentioned twice. Audi main “Dhanno” chillana. Machau Seniors, machau fachche. Library main ghisna. Big fat dogo of library canteen. Cycle juugadna. Attendance compulsary hai??!

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Days we spent, nights we lived.

Foggy winter-y nights. Early mornings by the ghat. IITG Current Troller Junta. Monkeys walking on the streets, foxes resting around the corners. *All kinds* of dogs on campus. Girls, you get what I mean. BTP, anyone? Neaah. We deserve a ghat wali beer.

Zaffingo k testimonials. Saree wali farewell. No dues from everywhere. The fachcha version of us that walked in, the suit-ed version of GTP. Lobby. Lobby wale. Lobby walo ki wali. You. Me. People we were, people we are. Us on the first day of session, us on the last day. Us, class of 2018. ❤

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Class of 2018, folks! We got each other.

If you go back and count there are 99ish things. I am taking the rest with me. Hope you are doing the same.

Until next time, when I probably will not be using this proxy wala internet to post. Chhavi :)

These amazing amazing photos by: CaN Photography.
Special thanks to Kirankumar Natekar for helping me with high resolution versions of these

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