Paying it forward by writing down everything I know.

Inspired by Tanya Kar’s work

So I came up with a hack — what if I write something not for myself, but for the Chhavi I was 3 years ago? …

Why Barcelona? How Barcelona? Really?

All the deets! ;)

Back stronger than ever

And so for a brief moment, the rare London sun, the revitalising botanical drink, the overpriced silk pajamas, that side project I am finally working on, and I, have a moment.

Paying it forward, and writing down everything that I learned.

👩‍💻 On career

My spot in Barcelona. It grounded me to this city. Photo by Jo Kassis from Pexels

Hey look it says “SAL” on top!!

Illustration by my sister, Tanvi

At one dramatic moment, I realise. My nose feels just fine. But what about my soul?!

Chhavi Shrivastava

Big fan of not-writing-regularly, sushi, working at Bumble, and the rare sun that shows up in London!

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